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Ryerson University

Currently I am attending Ryerson University, I am in my third year studying Graphic Communications Management. This is a diverse program as it teaches us the fundamentals of graphic design, packaging, printing, business management, and more. I hope to graduate in 2018 with my Bachelor of Technology.  

employment History


Swing Manager

McDonalds, 2013-Present

While working at McDonalds I have gained experience in multiple job roles such as team leader and crew trainer. Currently in my position as a swing manager, I am responsible for maintaining crew productivity and ensuring an enjoyable guest experience. 


Ryerson Woman in Leadership, 2017

The Ryerson Woman in Leadership conference was the first time I filmed a live event. I filmed each speaker's speech as well as a promotional video. They wanted the promotional video to be edited within two days so they can release it on international woman's day.

Video Producer

Delvinia, 2016

While working with Delvinia I filmed and edited their  2016 Year End Review Video. The film was a spoof of Jimmy Kimmel Live’s! “Mean Tweets” segment – in which their executives read leaked emails from their employees’ accounts. 

Freelance Image Editor

The Hudson's Bay Company, 2017

Assisted photographers in studio photographing jewellery, accessories, and clothes. Used Adobe Photoshop to enhance images by correcting resolution and cropping to template, adjusting the colour, saturation, and brightness to match product being photographed.

Freelance Photographer

Sekurus International, 2016

While working with Sekurus I created images to be used during their brand refresh. The photos taken are being used on their website as well as in promotional material and for social media. 



Volunteer Work

Image from the Digital Cities Project

Image from the Digital Cities Project


This three day conference was held at Ryerson and is based on exploring new print topics. As lead photographer i was in charge of photographing the entire event all day. This was a challenge and helped me learn the importance of time management.

GCM Grad Formal

I worked as the lead photographer and videographer for the Graphic Communications Management Grad Formal. I setup and managed a Photo Booth as well as filmed and edited a video. Visit my commissioned page for example photos as well as the video.


I was contacted by the Digital Cities Project to join them as a last minute editor. They were launching an exhibit in a few days and needed the images edited quickly. Over 150 images needed to be edited. 


Colloquium was a small conference held by GCM students on expanded gamut printing. I was asked to be apart of there media team as a photographer. Some of my images were featured in two articles, you can find the articles here and here.

GCM Designer

I have worked with my course advisors and professors in designing promotional material for various events. Some example work includes poster design for awards night, poster and banner design for job fair, etc.


As Lead R&D it was my job to find innovative print and package techniques to create a specialized package. The package is then entered into various contests.


I worked as the lead photographer for the Graphic Communications Management Awards Night. I captured images of guests during the cocktail hour as well as individual portraits as award recipients received their award.

SJB Students Photo Book

I helped my sisters photography class by curating each students images and putting together an ebook to showcase them. The ebook was an accompaniment to their photo exhibit. Download the ebook here.


First Place Poster Design Contest
GCM 2015

RU Top 15 Instagram Accounts


Images published in Graphic Arts Mag

Image feature in Ryerson Folio

Feature in RU Student Life Calendar 

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Esko Kongsberg Cutting Tables

Certifications /

CPR and First Aid Certified
ADET inc, 2015

Team Leader Certificate
McDonalds Canada, 2015

Swing Manager Certificate
McDonalds Canada, 2015